3D shapes plugin

ImageThis plug-in adds the effect of three dimensions to the image or selection. Be shure, that your image is as the skin of cilinder, box or sphere, becouse this will be used for redrawing generated objects.

But, The processing of this effect might be a little slow.

Download: Shape3D_1_2_6_0.zip (71.6 KB)

The effect of “Drop Shadow effect plugin” or “Object Reflections Plugin” was added to these samples later. 

First of all, the image.

Next, select the object.
“sphere” or “cylinder” or “box”

Expansion reduction of object.
Select the “Texture Map”.
And, Rotation of object, Camera-angle, Lighting, hilight, etc…



3 thoughts on “3D shapes plugin

  1. Hey, okay, i have downloaded this thing, but i cannot open it, can i get a few instuctions on how to open a dll, or otherwise, if a program is needed, send me a link to it. Thanks

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